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Two Little Angels

I had an amazing time during this photo shoot, towards the end they were posing all on their own and it was funny to see the poses they came up with… It was a lot of fun indeed ! Continue reading “Two Little Angels”

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Fitting in

 I usually walk through this small road during the day and there are no cars at all, only people strolling by all the little shops in the area so I was so happy to have found this old car on an evening that we had decided to do some night- time photography in Place Darcy in Dijon. I felt it was perfect an old car on an old street like that,still being past midnight there were some people walking by so I waited patiently to take this photo (about 20 minutes) but then the owner arrived and was ready to go, I wanted to photograph it so badly that I ran up to him like a mad woman and begged him to wait till I took the photo, to my surprise he was more than happy to wait and even told me not to rush, so 5 minutes later I got my shot.

People, Places

Stop Complaining!

From childhood’s hour I have not been

As others were; I have not seen

As others saw; I could not bring

My passions from a common spring.

From the same source I have not taken

My sorrow; I could not awaken

My heart to joy at the same tone;

And all I loved, I loved alone.

Then- in my childhood, in the dawn

Of a most stormy life- was drawn

From every depth of good and ill

The mystery which binds me still:

From the torrent, or the fountain,

From the red cliff of the mountain,

From the sun that round me rolled

In its autumn tint of gold,

From the lightning in the sky

As it passed me flying by,

From the thunder and the storm,

And the cloud that took the form

(When the rest of Heaven was blue)

Of a demon in my view.

Edgar Allan Poe